Why is Carers Week important?


What is Carers Week?

From the 12th to the 18th June, Carers Week is celebrated across the nation. Here at Catalyst, it is a celebration which is very close to our hearts, as we like to celebrate and support all of our brilliant, determined and hardworking staff.

But unfortunately, as stated on the Carers Week website, 3 in 4 carers don’t feel their caring role is understood or valued by their community. Which is devastating.

There are a lot of carers in the UK who look after people in their own time and are unpaid. Whether this be a family member or a friend, they do it simply out of the goodness of their heart!

I know people who look after their mum or dad, and this is how their day goes:

  • Wake up, get washed and have breakfast
  • Go to mum/dad’s house
  • Get them up out of bed, washed and dressed
  • Make them breakfast
  • Take them to a day centre, where they can spend the day with their friends enjoy some activities and have a coffee
  • Go to their day job, where they will usually work 9-5
  • Finish work, go and pick up mum/dad and take them back home
  • Cook them dinner, stay the evening to get them dressed and ready for bed
  • Go home, finish any work or chores at their own house
  • Go bed

If you ask me, that is an extremely busy day. And I can imagine probably very tiresome, doing that five, or for some people seven days a week, is an extremely busy schedule.

And it is a very common problem that this leads to next to no time for those who are looking after a loved one. This, as you can imagine, can be very very stressful and very pressurising on the individual. Although caring for someone is a very rewarding role which many people enjoy, you still have to find the time to care for yourself!

It is estimated that at least 3 out of 5 people in their life time will become a carer at some point.

what carers do infographic

Our carers here at Catalyst Choices work extremely hard, and put out all the stops to ensure our service users, tenants and residents are comfortable, all enjoy themselves and have fun! But it is important we give the support back to them to ensure their own needs are fulfilled. And that is exactly what Carers Week is all about.

This year, the focus is all about building carer friendly communities. The vision is to create a support network to encourage carers to look after their loved ones or the people within their work well, whilst recognising that they themselves are people with needs too!

Do your part, and make a pledge to show that you support all the fantastic carers out there! If you know of a carer, whether they do it as a full time profession or are looking after a loved one, drop them a text, an email, or even give them a call and make sure they’re getting the time out they deserve!

There are plenty of places in the UK where carers can receive the right support they may need, have a look at Wired, where they give details of the Warrington Carers’ Centre, a fantastic support centre especially for carers.

To all the carers out there, we appreciate you!

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Make sure you show your support for all the fabulous carers out there!

Thank you to all the great carers out there

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