Good News: Orford Hut’s Enterprise Project


Orford Hut’s Enterprise Project!

Recently, Orford Hut have been carrying on with their big enterprise project! They have been looking at planting beautiful flowers and recyclying. They have been eco-friendly by trying work out how to reuse household plastic and turning it into something great.

The group got stuck right in, and very messy, as they started off by planting a trio of Geraniums, Marigolds and Petunias! They then got some old plastic bottles and milk cartons which they decorated with wool. They were then topped off with some instructional ‘care cards’ made with card and copper to add a nice finishing touch!

With this being the groups first attempt of using this technique, they loved it and the finishing were results were great.

These will be up for sale at their Summer Fayre on the 3rd June at the Jubilee Hub!

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Well done to the group on their progress with this fab new project!

Make sure you go down to their Summer Fayre Saturday 3rd June!

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