Good News: Dave’s bike-a-thon!


Dave’s bike-a-thon!

One of our service users, Dave McCartney, has recently got involved in a charity event to raise money for ‘Step Out for Stroke‘, an incredible charity that do everything they can to help out those who have been affected by a stroke.

He did the event with friends at Jubilee gym this past weekend, where they all did an absolutely amazing 12 hour (yes you heard that right, a whole 12 hours) long bike-a-thon!

David very impressively managed to complete a total of 3 and a half hours! Amazing! Well done Dave!

But it doesn’t end there, he is soon to be holding another wonderful fundraising event where he will be doing a walk around the Halliwell Jones stadium! We wish him the very best of luck, I am sure he will smash it.

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Well done Dave!

We wish you the best of luck in your next charity fundraiser!

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